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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Real IRA Dublin, Hit-woman Arrested

Real IRA leaders to be Executed
The two Ryan Brothers who have been leading the Real IRA criminal gang in Dublin are to be executed at any cost according to the leadership of the Continuity IRA; a contract has been put out on the two brothers according to senior sources within the CIRA. The information comes as a hit-woman is arrested by Gardai.
The hit-woman has been arrested in relation to the cold blooded murder of father of two young children David Darcy. Two weeks ago the woman is alleged to have murdered Mr Darcy on direct orders of the CIRA leadership. Mr Darcy was ambushed outside his home in Dublin on the 28 November 2011 on the direct orders of the CIRA leadership; at 6.50am Mr Darcy was pulling out of the drive of his home when the hit-woman shot him dead. Mr Darcy was alleged by the CIRA leadership to have been involved in two gun attacks on RIRA criminals in west Dublin within the past twelve months, however, neither Gardai nor senior republicans could support the claims.
The hit-woman from Limerick is believed to have been used by the CIRA leadership to flex their muscle in Dublin, the CIRA in Limerick are heavily engaged in criminal activity including Drug Dealing and Prostitution. Gardai arrested the Limerick hit-woman and a man from Finglas on Friday 16/12/2011 in relation to the CIRA murder of Mr Darcy. The gun used to murder Mr Darcy was also recovered by Gardai on the 16/12/2011.
It is now known the Ryan Brothers who lead a criminal gang in Dublin styling themselves the Real IRA were to be executed within days on the orders of the CIRA, it is also known that the contract to execute the Ryan bothers is live and has already been taken on by a former Provisional IRA hit-man, who is a gun for hire and who has been engaged in a number of disputes in Dublin in relation to protection money from Drug dealers.
The CIRA leadership carried out an exhaustive investigation into the murder of Liam Kenny who was murdered by the Real IRA in Dublin in June of this year, and the CIRA leadership are satisfied that the Ryan Bothers murdered Liam Kenny. It is also known within criminal circles and security circles that the Real IRA attempted to murder former republican prisoner Frankie Nolan in September in Ballyfermot, west Dublin.
It should be noted that hit-women are not unusual within republican terror groups, several women were directly involved in murders and several actually pulled the trigger on behalf of the Provisional IRA and INLA. Many women lured people to their deaths and many women engaged in torture and mutilation during the history of the Provisional IRA and INLA.

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