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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dissident Attacks Planned

Dissidents Planning Spectacular in Coming Weeks
Dissident criminals are planning a spectacular attack on the security forces in the north in the coming weeks, units of the various factions have been given operational autonomy to prepare and mount a spectacular attack on the PSNI in the north.
While the dissident groupings have had a number of significant set-backs in recent months due to the diligence of the PSNI and An Garda Siochana, dissident groups remain a significant threat and have given orders for units to operate independently from each other and their command staff in order to prepare and mount a spectacular attack on the PSNI. Units have been told to operate independently in order to reduce penetration by security force informers.
It is believed that there has been a steady flow of intelligence from all of the dissident groups to the security forces as many ‘dissidents’ are simply involved in order to profit from cigarette/fuel smuggling and other criminal activity, it is known that the security forces on both sides of the border have had to pay larger sums of money to informers as many such informers are making large amounts from illegal activity within the ‘dissident’ groupings. Informers can no longer be paid off with a 100 Euro per month, they now expect thousands if they have any rank within the organisations.
Oglaigh na hEireann is presently posing a very significant threat, however, it is only one of a number of groups with The IRA in Tyrone presently preparing a number of under car booby traps for PSNI officers and the Real IRA preparing mortars and barrack buster bombs.
ONH has been behind a number of serious attacks on security forces - including the denotation of a car bomb at Palace Barracks, which houses MI5's Holywood headquarters.
The group also critically injured PSNI Constable Paeder Heffron in an under-car bomb attack and targeted the partner of another officer and an Army major.
In a statement, the Police Federation said it was "well aware of the escalating threat level in north and west Belfast in particular".
It revealed that, since the beginning of the year, there have been twelve shootings and eleven bombings in that district - reinforcing the need for additional police resources.
While the latest ONH attack was planned and then abandoned - because a police car failed to arrive on the scene - it once again underlines the group's deadly intent.

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