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Real IRA
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Real IRA, Belfast Bomb, Dissident Republicans

The Real IRA in Belfast which has been infiltrated to the highest level by the British Secret Service has carried out a booby trap bomb attack. The secret service allow their operatives to engage in such attacks in order to keep them in position, an operative that is not engaged in such activity has no credible value. Often such attacks are allowed to be put in place, but then 'discovered' before injury, this allows the operative to be presented as having done his/her job and can maintain their position in their organisation where they can obtain further information for their handlers. The security services will make sure the media give such 'failed' attacks maximum publicity. This type of activity was at its height prior to the 1994 PIRA cease-fire when 'bombs', 'mortars' were being discovered and failing to detonate.

A booby-trap bomb attack that targeted a British soldier in Belfast has been condemned today.

The device was discovered under the driver’s seat of a car, with dissident republicans later claiming the murder bid.

Army bomb experts are examining the device after removing it following an alert in Ligoniel in the north of the city.

Some 30 homes were evacuated while experts dealt with the bomb.

The Oglaigh na hEireann group claimed the attack and said the bomb was connected to the car’s seat belt.

Security forces said it was a viable device.

The security alert was triggered in the Blackdam Court area yesterday morning after reports of a suspicious object in the vehicle. Residents were out of their homes for most of the day as Army bomb disposal experts examined the car.

The officers carried out a controlled explosion on the object, and it was taken away for further examination.

The Democratic Unionist MP for the area, Nigel Dodds, said the soldier’s vigilance helped avoid loss of life.

“It is an absolutely appalling incident,” said Mr Dodds. “This was a viable device. It was designed and targeted to kill a particular target, it has emerged now, a serving soldier.”

Mr Dodds said the incident was a reckless attack, aimed at killing the soldier, but also disregarding any risk to the public in a residential area.

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