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Real IRA
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Queens Visit Northern Ireland 2012, Bomb attack planned

Bomb planned for Queens visit will be detonated by remote control. The Real IRA will work in partnership with Continuity IRA to detonate a bomb on the run up to the Queens visit to the north at the end of June 2012. The bomb is being prepared south of the border and will be delivered to the north to coincide with the Queens visit at the end of June 2012. It is known that a significant amount of high nitrogen fertiliser has been acquired by the dissidents in north Louth and that fertiliser has been mixed and stored ready for transportation, the booster pack and remote control device will not be fitted to the bomb until it arrives in south Armagh for its final journey.
The Real IRA also has at their disposal a number of mercury tilt switches for under-car booby traps, however, handling these devices is extremely dangerous. The REAL IRA have decided to use a remote control device as a number of bombs have now been captured by the security services after their timing devices failed (some suspect that the bombs were already disarmed, by British agents, before being discovered).

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