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Saturday, August 11, 2012

5 Charged with Provisional IRA membership, Tom McFeely, Sinn Fein, British agents, PSNI

The Dublin City Sheriff has seized the Ballsbridge home of the bankrupt developer Tom McFeely.
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5 Charged with Provisional IRA membership, Tom McFeely, Sinn Fein, British agents, PSNI
Five members of the Provisional IRA in Belfast have been charged with membership of that organisation in the year 2000, the British Court has taken the unusual step of banning the media from naming those accused, which is believed to include Jock Davidson, who was implicated in the murder of innocent Catholic Robert McCartney. It is believed that the charging of the five with Provisional IRA membership is a ploy by the British secret service in collusion with Sinn Fein leaders to create the illusion that Sinn Fein/IRA are still at odds with British Rule in Ireland when that is clearly not the case. It is known that M16 Agent Martin McGuinness was made aware of the arrests before they took place.
Tom McFeely losses one of his Mansions
It has been handed over to the National Asset Management Agency.
The High Court ordered Mr McFeely, his wife and two teenage children to move out of their home on Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge because of a default on a €9.5m mortgage.
It was taken out on the property during the boom when the house was valued at €15m. But no repayments have been made in over three years.
The court had allowed extra time for the repossession to allow one of the McFeely's children to complete his Leaving Cert at the exclusive St Michael's College across the road.
Mr McFeely who successfully appealed a three month prison sentence over safety standards at Priory Hall is also challenging his declaration of bankruptcy.

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