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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Glen Guerin, coolock, real ira Dublin, dissident republicans, drug dealers, alan ryan, eamon kelly, sean connolly

Glen Guerin, coolock, real ira Dublin, dissident republicans, drug dealers, alan ryan, eamon kelly, sean connolly

A CONVICTED criminal was lucky to escape with his life after he was shot at five times in Coolock early this week. Glen 'Ribs' Guerin was hit in the hand after a gunman opened fire in Clonshaugh Woods, Coolock, near the Bewleys Hotel just after midnight.
Dad-of-two Guerin (23), from Buttercup Park, Darndale, was rushed to Beaumont Hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Gardai are investigating if he was targeted as a result of his loose links to a traveller gang involved in producing pipe bombs for the RIRA.
In October, detectives recovered firearms, ammunition, live pipe bombs and pipe bomb components following a raid on a halting site in Darndale. The raid was carried out after gardai received intelligence that a traveller criminal was responsible for producing pipe bombs, which were being sold to the RIRA. Guerin was aware there was a threat on his life in recent weeks because of his links to the traveller gang.
A source said: "There has been a threat against him for some time and he knew people were after him."
The traveller gang, who Guerin has loose links with, are believed to have been behind pipe-bomb attacks on criminal figures in the Coolock area, who had loose connections to other criminals feuding with the RIRA. The shooting comes as criminal gangs step up their campaign against the remnants of the RIRA mob, lead by slain terror boss Alan Ryan.
This week, a number of houses linked to members of Ryan's gang members were smashed up by criminal figures in a bid reassert control of Dublin's northside.
"There is a lot of tension in the area in the last couple of weeks, and the criminals are getting a bit more-cocky recently."
Despite his tender years, Guerin has come before the courts on a Criminal shot at five times by gunman number of occasions. In 2011, Guerin - described as a car dealer in court - was jailed for three months for driving offences. He was also banned from driving for 15 years after a judge said his record for motoring offences was "outrageous", after being told he had amassed 31 convictions for uninsured driving.
Dublin District Court heard he had been buying, repairing and selling on cars, and was caught "test driving" them. He had previously been jailed for 13 months for uninsured driving.
The court heard Guerin has 180 previous convictions but is now trying to "turn his life around".
MOSBTER Eamon 'the Don' Dunne's hitman of choice has been jailed for five years for stabbing two men following a row over loud music.
Killer Gary Howard is currently serving two life sentences for the savage murder of two innocent men, Patrick Mooney (58) and Brendan Molyneux (46), on January 10, 2010.
Gardai believe scumbag Howard executed the two men on the orders of a senior member of Eamon Dunne's gang. He is also suspected of being the trigger man in the murder of Michael Murray (41), in March 2009.
Drug dealer Murray was involved in a feud with Dunne's gang and was shot because gang members believed he was preparing to target them. But last week, Howard was back before the courts for stabbing two men outside a party in Primrose Grove, Darndale, on Dublin's northside on July 11, 2009.
His pal, Glen Douche (25), was also sentenced to 18 months for his role in the horrific attack. Douche - whose brother Gary was kicked to death in a cell in Mountjoy Prison - is currently serving a nine-year sentence for transporting explosives for a traveller gang in north Dublin.
Last week, the court heard how one of the men, Conor Lunders, required stitches to multiple stab wounds which he received to his scalp, right lower chest, to his back and to his wrist. Howard had launched the savage attack after Anthony Byrne got in a row with Douche's girlfriend after she complained about the loud music at a party in his home.
Garda Brendan Fitzpatrick said that Douche and his girlfriend Elizabeth Chaney had called to Mr Byrne's home after Ms Chaney's mother, who lived nearby, complained about the noise. The court heard that Mr Byrne hit Ms Chaney with a brush, which angered Douche and led him to returning to his girlfriend's mother's home to get the knives.
He then arrived back at the party driving his silver Volkswagen Bora and drove it in the direction of one of the partygoers. Mr Byrne grabbed this person out of the way and Douche then drove the car at him, clipping his leg, leaving him with an injury.
Gda Fitzpatrick said that gardai received complaints about the melee at the party and were told "people are killing each other".
When he arrived on the scene, he spotted Douche driving the Bora out of the cul-de-sac. Howard was a back-seat passenger and gardai discovered two knives in the glove compartment which were dripping with blood.
Mr Lunders' DNA was later found on one of the knives, while Douche's DNA was found on both knives. Gda Fitzpatrick said that a third knife was found in Ms Chaney's home. This was also blood-stained and Mr Byrne's DNA was later found on it.
Howard, from Dunsoghly Grove, Finglas, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to both and to production of a knife. His 43 previous convictions included the murder and threats-to-kill offences and also assault, road traffic, arson and hi-jacking charges.
Judge Martin Nolan jailed Howard for five years concurrent to the term he is currently serving for murder, after being informed that the law prevents him from imposing a consecutive term to a life sentence.
Douche of Oakwood Green, Termonabbey, Drogheda, Co. Louth, pleaded guilty to assaulting the two men causing them harm and reckless endangerment.
THE TATTOOED criminal who has been charged with murdering godfather Eamon Kelly has been moved TO the RIRA controlled E3 landing after "discussions" with terror bosses.
Last week we revealed RIRA suspect Sean Connolly had been placed in an isolation cell on 'A' Landing in Portlaoise Prison because of fears he could be killed. It is believed that RIRA chiefs had become paranoid that Connolly had given gardai detailed information about the murder of drugs baron Kelly.
Following Connolly's arrest, six people were picked up by gardai and quizzed in connection with Kelly's murder. However, Connolly was moved back to E3 landing on Thursday night following discussions with senior caged dissidents.
A source has revealed that the RIRA are "keeping everyone close" in a bid to keep better control of their membership. Just a few hours before Connolly was moved, convicted cocaine trafficker Eamon Kelly was buried in his local church in Killester, north Dublin. The packed service was attended by a number of veteran gangsters who knew Kelly during nearly five decades of involvement in criminality.
The mourners included Jimmy 'the Badger' Edgeworth, a notorious tiger kidnapper and Dessie 'the Border Fox' O'Hare. Edgeworth (73), who was an associate of murdered gangster Martin 'the General' Cahill, got to know Kelly when they were both living in Crumlin in the 1970s.
In 2010, Edgeworth received a suspended sentence after being caught in a sting operation selling crack cocaine and heroin. The pensioner claimed he only turned to drugs because he did not have enough money to get by after his old age pension was cut.
Ex-INLA chief Dessie O'Hare, who was one of Kelly's best friends, delivered a eulogy in the church to the murdered mobster. Bizarrely, O'Hare described Kelly as a "martyr" who opposed British colonialism. In 2006, psycho O'Hare (56), was released early under the Belfast Agreement from a 40- year sentence for kidnapping and chopping off dentist John O'Grady's fingers.
A notorious tiger kidnapper who was involved in a violent clash with Alan Ryan before his death was also in attendance. The North Dublin bank robber is currently facing charges in relation to a serious robbery in 2005.
Kelly's brother Matt (66), who paid €3.6million in unpaid taxes to CAB also mingled with mourners. Matt's heavily tattooed son, Matt jnr, could also be seen leaving a floral tribute at the hearse. Last year, the Sunday World revealed how Matt jnr was a leading member of the newly-formed Hell's Angels in Dublin.
The funeral service was also attended by Eamon's brother, carpet magnate Des. Des - who is a devout Christian - has no involvement or links to criminality and has run a successful furniture business for nearly 40 years. He was visibly upset and had to be comforted by his wife Yolanda.
Eamon Kelly had connections with some of Ireland's most notorious criminals and is suspected of acting as a 'fixer' for drug gangs. Kelly is believed to have advised upand- coming criminals on how to arrange drug deals with expat mobsters on the continent and acted as a mentor for Eamon 'the Don' Dunne.
However, a number of Kelly's previous gangland allies, including associates of 'the Don' stayed away. It is believed the drug barons feared appearing at the funeral could draw RIRA attention on to them. During the service, parish priest Monsignor Alex Stenson described the murder as "dreadful and evil".
He said: "His death, being brutally murdered, was an horrendous crime. It was evil and nothing justifies it."
Despite Kelly having serious convictions for both violence and drug crimes, Msgr Stenson told the congregation that much of what was reported in the newspapers was "untrue".
"We are all sinners," he said commenting that it was "easy to point the finger at others when we should be looking at ourselves".
Msgr Stenson previously hit the headlines when it emerged that he had failed to tell gardai about paedophile priest Tony Walsh's sick past. The Dublin priest had been investigating Walsh's paedophile tendencies for six years when gardai sought to interview him about a complaint in 1991 made by the parents of a young boy who Walsh had attempted to abuse.
The Murphy Report detailed how, when asked by a garda if Walsh had a record of paedophilia, Msgr Stenson replied: "I evaded that [giving details of Walsh's crimes], but told him to proceed with whatever steps he thought he should take."


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