Real IRA

Real IRA
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Friday, February 8, 2013

real ira, dissident arrests, the ira, tipperary arrests, explosives, bombs

real ira, dissident arrests, the ira, tipperary arrests, explosives, bombs

Three people arrested in Tipperary were allegedly in possession of three high-grade military style rocket launchers. It is believed that the weapons were destined for The IRA in East Tyrone, where IRA Chief of Staff, Colin Duffy, is intent on launching a spectacular attack on the British security forces, it is also known that a large quantity of high nitrogen fertiliser has been mixed in north Louth, however, due to the on-going high Garda and PSNI presence in that area due to the cold blooded murder of Garda Donohoe the home made 500lb bomb cannot be moved.

Two brothers and an associate were detained on the N24 at Cahir in Co Tipperary on Thursday night, during a major police operation involving elite Garda officers.

Three hand-held rocket launchers - capable of blowing apart armoured personnel carriers and tanks - were taken away for further examinations. Two cars were also seized.

It is believed the swoop followed a surveillance operation targeting dissidents, and it is thought the weapons were en route to Northern Ireland.

A senior Garda officer said: "This is a significant capture. The intention was that they would go up north and would be passed on for further use."

The three men, who are aged in their 30s and are from Co Limerick, are being questioned at Clonmel and Cahir garda stations on suspicion of dissident republican activity, under section 30 of the Offences against the State Act 1939.

They are suspected of being involved in the Real IRA.

"We have full time surveillance operations going on all the time," added a Garda. "There came a point when we moved in and this one came to fruition."

Officers from the elite special detective unit, emergency response unit and other national and local Garda branches were involved in the operation in Tipperary.

The recovered explosives will be subjected to technical and ballistic examinations.
Three men have been arrested in Tipperary in an ongoing Garda investigation into dissident republican activity.

They were arrested last night during an operation on the N24 at Cahir involving members of the Special Detective Unit, other national units and local Garda units.

Three men were arrested at the scene and a number of explosive devices were seized along with two cars, a Garda spokesman said.

He said technical and ballistic examinations were ongoing.

The men are currently detained under section 30 of the Offences against the State Act 1939 at Clonmel and Cahir Garda stations.

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