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Friday, April 19, 2013

British Agents, Informers, Social media, bogus republican websites

British Agents, Informers, Social media, bogus republican websites

Geo-location data being gathered to monitor Dissident republican activity
A list of ‘dissident’ republican activists in the pay of the British Security Services has been accidently sent to a business in Belfast. The list details ‘dissident’ republicans who are operating Blogs, Republican Chat forums, Facebook sites, Twitter accounts and so forth for the security services in order to gather information for the British.
The security service list was destined for M15, however, a secure internet link was accidently breached and the communication hopped across to an unsecure line.
The communication details how a number of persons associated and involved with the ‘dissident’ groups are employed by the British Security Services to maintain a number of websites and social media platforms, anyone communicating with these forums are being tracked by means of a satellite software programme, informers are also using their own knowledge of the organisations to identify e-mail addresses, computer and IPhone IP addresses for their handlers.
All of the information being gathered by both the informers and their handlers is allowing the security services to build a clear picture of ‘dissident’ support as well as allowing location identification of active dissident supporters. The sites including WordPress sites, Blogs, Chat forums and so forth encourage ‘republicans’ to engage in conversations and post comments, all of which is going directly to the British Security Services and helping to defeat the ‘dissident’ groups.
According to the intercepted communication, informers are using code words in posts to send messages to their handlers rather than using mobile phones. Some of those working for the security services have served sentences for both the Provisional IRA and ‘dissident’ groups with some of them having used their time in prison for education and so they believe that they are too smart to get caught by their often un-educated associates, they are above suspicion, as was Dennis Donaldson, Freddie Scappittini, Roy McShane and so many more.
The new focus on cyber space by the British Security Service is due to the fact that it is an important way to monitor ‘dissident’ republican support and activity, as has been seen from recent court cases, some activists are stupid enough to use mobile phones while on active service, so what more will such people do when they have a few drinks and join one of the ‘bogus’ forums being maintained by British Agents.
One website based in Belfast has asked ‘republicans’ to sign a petition supporting the release of Marian Price, this petition has given the British a unique list of republican supporters and their IP Addresses have been identified their locations.

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