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Real IRA
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sinn Fein attacks, Belfast, Derry

Sinn Fein under attack

Over the past number of months British Sponsored Sinn Fein/PIRA who are administering British policy in the occupied six counties, have come under attack from other republican groups who refuse to recognise the right of the British to remain in the north. However, Sinn Fein/PIRA's contempt for The IRA will continue to be purged according to well informed sources.

Gerry Adams Bomb warning

Gerry Adams says bomb warning sent to his home in west Belfast, and not his second home in County Louth, Gerry Adams said it comes amid a “concerted series of threats and attacks on the homes of Sinn Féin members”.
Mr Adams said the warning was received on Wednesday morning.
“There can be no place for these type of actions nor will they deter Sinn Féin from working to advance the peace process and advance our political objectives,” he added.

Earlier, Martin McGuinness blamed dissident republicans for attacks on two cars belonging to Sinn Féin representatives in Londonderry.
Police said the separate attacks happened at 1.50am in Kildrum Gardens and just before 2.30am in Oakbridge Park on Wednesday.
A parked car was set on fire in the earlier incident causing extensive damage to the engine block, while in the second case the front and rear windscreens of a parked vehicle were smashed.
Two men aged 17 and 23 were arrested by police in Oakbridge Park on suspicion of criminal damage.
Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness tweeted: “With overnight attacks on Sinn Fein councillors Sandra Duffy and Colly Kelly in Derry, I have no doubt anti-democratic dissidents responsible, these criminals will not succeed”

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