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Sunday, July 12, 2020

John Connolly, Continuity IRA, Fermanagh

John Connolly, Continuity IRA

John Connolly is a long serving Republican and have most recently been campaigning to stop the extradition of Liam Campbell. Liam Campbell was one of four men found libel in a civil case for The Omagh Bomb in 1998.

A Real IRA bomber is a leading figure in a campaign to prevent a republican found responsible by a court for the Omagh bomb from standing trial on arms charges in Lithuania.

John Connolly (44) has spent the past week plastering parts of Fermanagh and Cavan with posters in support of Liam Campbell, who faces being extradited to the eastern European nation.

Connolly - who is now a member of Republican Sinn Fein and is believed to lead the Continuity IRA in the border area - was caged for 14 years in 2000 after being caught with a 220lb Real IRA mortar.

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