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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dissident Assulted in Portlaoise Prison as Feud escalates

Dissident ATTACKED in Portlaoise Prison
Joe Clarke (40) savagely beaten in Portlaoise Prison as dissident feud continues. Joe Clarke who appeared at the Special Criminal Court (17/7/2011) and was charged with IRA membership was remanded to Portlaoise Prison where he was placed with other dissident republicans. Joe Clarke was then beaten in a frenzied attack by other dissident members, some of whom are believed to have used iron bars in the attack. This attack on Joe Clarke is the latest event in a long running feud between dissident groups who are trying to assert dominance in the dissident groupings.
For some time now there has been concern that the dissident groups are effectively running Portlaoise Prison and have full access to mobile phones and class A drugs.

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