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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Real IRA Fermanagh, John Connolly alleged Real IRA leader in Fermanagh

Convicted bomber John Connolly (right), 36, from Newtownbutler, Co Fermanagh.

The dissident leader has been hiding out in Co Kerry to escape surveillance from PSNI anti-terror units, however, the Gardai have been monitoring his movements.

It is believed that Connolly has added much of the bomb making expertise to dissidents in the Fermanagh area, he has also been linked to a 300lb bomb that was left in Aughnacloy County Tyrone at the start of the year, the bombers returned to Monaghan following the attack.

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  1. There is absolutly no evidence that john connolly is the leader of the real ira. That label that has been given to john by the media and is a complete farce. Theres a huge difference between being active in yourcommunity and being the head of an illegal organization. It's the newspapers that need to get their facts straight before spitting out such harmful accusations. johns an excellent example of a good neighbor and friend to Newtownbutler.