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Monday, October 22, 2012

Breaking news, Dublin real ira, Declan smith, alan ryan murder, continuity ira

Breaking news, Dublin real ira, Declan smith, alan ryan murder, continuity ira

The Real IRA has appointed a new chief in Dublin to take over from Alan Ryan who was shot dead by a Provisional IRA hit man for hire earlier this year the contract was taken out on Ryan by CIRA after he was involved in the murder of a Continuity IRA member in Dublin.
Sinn Fein in Dublin have described the Real IRA as “de-facto drug dealers who have no support in the community”.
The dissident group has reorganised in Dublin since Ryan's death and have appointed Declan Smith, known as 'Fat Deccy', as the new Officer Commanding of the Dublin Brigade. PSNI officers want to question Derry native Smith over the brutal murders of two former Continuity IRA members in Belfast.
Edward Burns (36) and Joe Jones (38), were killed within an hour of each other in horrific murders. Both Burns and Jones were savagely beaten before Burns was shot dead and his body dumped in the Bog Meadows area of west Belfast. A short time later Joe Jones was decapitated with a shovel and his body abandoned in an alleyway in Ardoyne.
A third man, Damien O'Neill, was shot in the neck, but he survived. Smith is a former member of Republican Sinn Fein, the political wing of the CIRA. He became close to Real IRA members after he left Belfast for Dublin in 2007. Security sources suspect that he has been appointed OC of the Dublin Bridge since Ryan's death. It is understood he is now trying to reorganise the extortion rackets run by Ryan against drug dealers in Dublin. It had been suspected that the gang were planning a major tiger kidnapping before Alan Ryan’s murder due to the refusal of drug dealers to pay protection money to the Real IRA.
Ryan's group had been the chief money makers for the dissident group. They have been weakened by his death and the arrests of key members, but security sources believe they are regrouping and are ready to exact revenge for the Donaghmede man's murder, however, due to the long lists of suspects, it is most likely that the Real IRA will go after soft targets and will not take on the Provisional IRA or Sinn Fein who, “Created the conditions for Alan Ryan’s murder”, according to a member of the 32 County Sovereignty Committee. It has long since been believed that British agents within the various dissident groups are protecting British agents within Sinn Fein.

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