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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kevin McGuigan Murder, Sinn Fein, Minister for Justice

Kevin McGuigan Mudered by Sinn Fein/PIRA

In 1999 then British Secretary of State for the north Mo Mowlam described the murder of Catholics by Sinn Fein/PIRA as “Internal House-keeping”, this clearly set out the stall for the British approach to the Sinn Fein/PIRA cease-fire as agreed between Sinn Fein/PIRA and their MI6 Handlers.

MI6 Agent Martin McGuinness MP in PIRA Uniform

Since the signing of The Good Friday Agreement the Sinn Fein/PIRA leadership in the guise of The Provisional IRA Army Council have ordered dozens of murders, mutilation attacks, robberies, racketeering operations, counterfeiting operations and so forth, however, both The British and Irish establishment have fallen virtually silent, as the key focus is to keep Sinn Fein/PIRA within a democratic framework while at the same time allowing Sinn Fein/PIRA to engage in murder, mutilation and rape against the Catholic community, the great and the good believe it is a price worth paying to keep big bombs of the streets.

The problem with the “Internal house-keeping” thesis is that democracy has been compromised and continues to be compromised for every day that The PIRA Army Council continues to exist and dictate life and death on the Island of Ireland. The PIRA are recruiting in Derry, Belfast, Dublin, Limerick and in particular the border counties, while the vast majority of PIRA activity is directed at criminal enterprise, the reality is that leading members of Sinn Fein continue to play a dual role in the realm of politics and the murky world of ‘terrorism’.

Following the shooting dead of Jock Davison in Belfast The PIRA Army Council meet in west Belfast and a decision was taken to clearly identify who had killed Jock and when that identification process was complete the believed ‘Trigger man’ would be ‘executed’ by a PIRA active service unit which operates under the direct orders of The PIRA Army Council, that Active Service Unit was warned that the Sinn Fein leadership would have to deny them until the political dust settled, similar to the murder of Garda McCabe and then the turn around when those murderers were meet upon their release by PIRA Southern Command leader Martin Ferris TD.

MI6 and Senior Gardai will not seek/or speak political sanction for Sinn Fein/PIRA as The PIRA/Sinn Fein are infiltrated to the very highest level as was the Official IRA in the 1970s when the most senior members of An Garda Siochana pleaded with the then Fianna Fail Government not to arrest The IRA Army Council in Cavan where they were holding a meeting, as most members of the Official IRA Army Council were in the pay of The Irish Special Branch.

This approach by professional police officers is understood, as their job is the protection of the community, rather than seeking political sanction against Sinn Fein. However, this policy is allowing Sinn Fein/PIRA to go without sanction for ‘politically’ motivated assassinations on the island of Ireland, it is allowing large sways of Irish Catholics to be at the dictate of The PIRA Army Council, and the time has now come for someone to stand up to the Gangsters that are masquerading as ‘democrats’ and those gangsters are Sinn Fein/PIRA.

Sinn Fein/PIRA will murder again both in the north and Irish Republic, when again we will be offered platitudes by weak politicians who will lay the blame at the door of the PSNI and An Garda Siochana for not having warned them about the threat from Sinn Fein/PIRA.

Let us be clear, The PIRA Army Council exists, they are recruiting, they are directing terrorism and they are engaged in whole sale criminality, people are going to be murdered both north and south, and the blame will be with those politicians who turned a blind eye to murder and rape.

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