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Monday, March 9, 2020

Jim O Callaghan, Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, Government

Jim O’Callaghan TD Fianna Fail

On Sunday 8th March 2020, Fianna Fail, 'Justice' Spokesman, Jim O’Callaghan told RTE that Fianna Fail, “May have been too definitive about their stated position of not being prepared to go into Government with Sinn Fein/PIRA”. It is difficult to understand how any democratic organisation can be “too definitive” about not wishing to go into Government with Sinn Fein/PIRA who are controlled by The Provisional IRA Army Council (who are in turn controlled by foreign agents) with an “Over-arching Strategy”. Perhaps Jim O'Callaghan TD should go to the family of Garda Jerry McCabe and tell them face-to-face that Fianna Fail has been "Too Definitive" about not going into Government with Garda Mc Cabe's Murderers and their mouth-pieces, or go to the family of 21 year-old Paul Quinn who was butchered by Sinn Fein/PIRA and explain to them what, "Too Definitive" means.

Perhaps Jim O'Callaghan TD is running afraid of the real threat of Sinn Fein/PIRA, "They have not gone away you know" (Gerry Adams). Although Jim O'Callaghan TD has represented in Court senior Sinn Fein/PIRA mouth-pieces such as Gerry Kelly MLA and Gerry Adams TD.

Graffiti that appeared in Dundalk when Gerry Adams TD admitted that he knew for a decade that his brother Liam Adams had raped his 4 year-old daughter Aine.

Jim O’Callaghan TD Government with Sinn Fein/PIRA

Jim O’Callaghan has been a Fianna Fail politician for over a decade now and he is also a fairly decent Barrister, and therefore, one must ask the question, why would Jim O’Callaghan TD even continence going into Government with Sinn Fein/PIRA who have murdered 3,000 men, women and children (the majority of which were innocent civilians), an organisation that have mutilated, maimed, tortured and raped many thousands more innocents, an organisation that continues to Ghost its rapists into The Irish Republic, an organisation that has murdered Gardai in cold blood.

Jim O’Callaghan TD National Interest

Is Jim O’Callaghan TD so consumed by his own self-importance and self-worth that he would sacrifice the national interest, is he to follow the path of former Fianna Fail mouth-pieces such as John O’Donoghue who contributed nothing to the public interest but simply massaged his own ego while filling his pockets with tax payers money.

Jim O’Callaghan TD Coalition with Sinn Fein/PIRA

If Fianna Fail were to go into Government with Sinn Fein/PIRA, The PIRA Army Council would pull that Government down before the completion of its tenure, at which point Fianna Fail would find themselves in the dustbin of political history, from where they would not return.

Government Formation 2020

Nobody wants another General Election, and therefore, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and The Green Party have an opportunity to step up to the mark in the national interest, because the only Virus that poses a threat to this Irish Republic is the Virus of Sinn Fein/PIRA Criminality. Who knows? in 5 years, following self-isolation, Sinn Fein/PIRA may have some contribution to make at national level, however, for now, due to their ongoing murder and criminality they need to be decontaminated and de-radicalised by the reality that this Irish Republic will not open up its corridors of power to Criminals and there mouth-pieces.

Jim O Callaghan, Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, Government

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